How Long Do UV Lights Last in HVAC Systems? - An Expert's Guide

Most quality UV lamps will emit at least 80% of their original UV-C emission at the end of a year. Replacement bulbs are an ongoing cost that you'll have to consider. The UV lamp can have one or two lamps, and each bulb must be changed every 6 to 12 months. This will depend on a few factors, such as how you use the system and how often you use it.

Generally speaking, a germicidal UV light used to disinfect indoor air should be replaced every 9000 hours. This equates to approximately 12 months. If you or your family members suffer from allergies or asthma, maintaining a regularly scheduled UV bulb replacement plan is absolutely essential to your well-being.


lights are relatively affordable, especially compared to air filtration systems, such as air purifiers and filters.

For instance, if your UV lamp is installed in an air conditioning system in a vacation home or other secondary residence where it isn't used regularly, you can wait up to two years before replacing the UV bulbs. If the UV lamp is three years old, turn off the system until the UV bulb is replaced. When mounted in this way, the UV light will clean the air in the boiler and the central air system, if any. In addition, both types of disinfectant lights prevent dirt from accumulating and circulating through the air conditioning system. Filters need to be changed more often than bulbs in a UV lighting system, making them difficult to maintain and reducing their effectiveness if you forget to change them.

A more complicated system with lights mounted on all ducts will be better for keeping the system clean, but installing them is more difficult and expensive. Since germicidal UV light will most likely be installed in the air conditioner, you don't have to worry about it affecting vulnerable plastic components. This UV lamp that disinfects the air is ideal for residential air conditioning systems because they are affordable, easy to install and disinfect the air when the air conditioner or oven is working. While it's true that UV light can damage some materials, you don't have to worry about a UV lamp damage your air conditioning system. A final advantage of installing UV-C lamps in your air conditioning system is that they also destroy volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which cause unpleasant odors reminiscent of tobacco smoke. UV lights disinfect air as it circulates through ducts, eliminating harmful bacteria, mold and other transported contaminants through the air. For more information on UV lights and other clean air solutions for your home, contact Scott's Heating & Air Conditioning.

A poor installation can defeat the purpose of installing a UV lamp, so hire a professional if you have questions about how to complete the job. Never look directly into a UV lamp; even brief exposure to UV light can cause permanent eye damage.

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